Masterpieces of the Jewelers Art A Commesso cameo is a name given to a portrait jewel that combines a carved cameo with enameled gold and other precious materials such as diamonds and gemstones. They truly are masterpieces of the jewelers’ art. Commessi were principally made during the Renaissance by jewelers in Paris and Italy. Commesso
cadburys calamity gold egg
I Helped to Make These Gold Eggs. I remember these 22kt Gold Eggs. In 1983, when I was 20, I had a summer job while I was at college. I worked with George Lukes in London, England. George was regarded as the best hand engraver in Britain. He was the hand engraver of choice for
matched identical cameos

Matched Identical Cameo Portraits

Identical Cameos – Matching a Pair of Portraits Sometimes I am asked to create two cameos from the same photograph. This creates a real dilemma. It is actually impossible for anyone to carve two identical portraits. I am a Portrait artist and each cameo is an individual work of art. I create my portraits by
★★★★★ Gemstone Portrait Necklace of a young daughter What started as a vague idea after watching Antiques Roadshow on tv one Sunday night, turned out to be one of the best gift ideas I’ve ever had. I found with a Google search, and after that, it was easy. After a discussion with Gareth about


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