The cameo arrived about 10 minutes ago. It’s breathtaking. Thank you so much for your beautiful masterpiece. My friends are in absolute AWE of your work and several have requested more info, I’ve given them your website and do hope that they contact you. Warm regards, Stacy.T…USA Portrait Cameo Necklace of a Beautiful Daughter, set
A very unusual cameo of a much loved ‘Imam’. I was asked to carve this portrait on a red Carnelian gemstone. I could not use Gold or Silver to display the cameo. The solution was to drill a small hole in the gem and suspend the cameo on a leather cord. This was an incredible

What is a Commesso Cameo?

Masterpieces of the Jewelers Art A Commesso cameo is a name given to a portrait jewel that combines a carved cameo with enameled gold and other precious materials such as diamonds and gemstones. They truly are masterpieces of the jewelers’ art. Commessi were principally made during the Renaissance by jewelers in Paris and Italy. Commesso

Record Auction Prices for Cameos

Hardstone Agate cameo Brooch Pin with five layers Caroline Bonaparte Cameo sells for a record price of $67000 at Bonhams auction in 2015. Notable not just for the craftsmanship evident throughout, but for it’s historical value. The brooch sold for nine times the estimate. This is a late 18th/ early 19th century hardstone cameo brooch
Brother and Sister Portrait Photo

Portrait Photo Guide

Does Your Portrait Photo Tell a Story? If you were asked to show a friend just two or three photos that capture the “essence” of your loved one which would you choose? These are the images that I need for your cameo jewel. My goal is to have the portrait photo that best shows the
Cameo Necklace with Pearls and White Gold Carved Leaf Detail
Cameo jewelry can be either be a cheap fashion accessory, a valuable antique or a highly prized work of art hand carved in gemstone or shell cameo by a highly skilled artist. Custom made to order cameos can be carved with portraits of people or pets from your photographs. Other cameos often have classical scenes