Ammolite Maple Leaf Necklace for the Prime Minster of Canada

Working with you has been a pleasure. Your beautiful work and careful attention to detail is exceptional. We will be honoured to present your Maple Leaf Necklaces to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Thank you for your hard work and artistry…Bozena

A Maple Leaf Necklace to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada.


Two Maple leaf necklaces were created to create a special gift to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada.  One was presented to a private donor and the other to Sophie Gregorie Trudeau, wife of the Prime Minster of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

The Design for the Maple Leaf Maple-leaf-design

Gareth selected the iconic Maple leaf. He designed the leaf to appear naturally as if it had just fallen off a tree. Ammolite was the perfect choice as the colours reflect an Autumn leaf.

Order a Maple Leaf Necklace for Canada’s 150th Birthday. I can make your necklace in Silver or Gold with Ammolite gem inlay with a gemstone or pearl accent.

I also offer Maple Leaf earrings in Silver and Gold, with gemstone or pearl accents.

Ammolite Maple Leaf Necklace

silver-maple-leaf-engravedEngraved Silver Maple Leaf Necklace. A lower cost option is to have a Silver necklace that is carved and engraved to add realism. Available as a necklace or brooch pin.

Ammolite Canada’s Gemstone

Ammonites in the ocean Ammolite is one of the rarest of all gemstones. Gem quality material is mainly found within Canada. Ammolite is an opal like, organic gemstone that is actually the fossilized shells of the Upper Cretacous disk-shaped Ammonites. These creatures lived in the shallow sea that covered Alberta around 75 million years ago.

An iridescent opal-like play of color is shown in fine specimens, mostly in shades of green, blue, orange and red;  This is actually a thin crystal sheet, mainly composed of Aragonite, which is the same material that makes up the precious pearl.

Significant deposits of gem-quality ammolite are found in the Bearpaw formation that extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada  The best grade of gem quality Ammolite is along the St. Mary river on the eastern slopes of the Rockies in southern Alberta.

Gem Quality Ammolite Shell

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