Care for your Cameo

Your Cameo has been carved from a tough and durable gemstone. With normal use and care your Cameo should last many years and could well become an heirloom that is passed through the generations.

Your Cameo is set in a frame that protects the sides and edges of the stone from damage. Please be aware that any stone can break, or chip, if dropped onto a hard surface, or hit with a hard object.

For this reason I recommend that the Cameo is insured as soon as possible, as I cannot cover this sort of damage.

Cleaning the Cameo

Your Cameo can be cleaned at any time. The easiest method is to immerse the Cameo in a warm solution of detergent and water. Soak the stone for a while and then clean with a soft toothbrush, to remove any ingrained dirt.

The special satin finish on the cameo stone can be restored by gently rubbing the surface with a clean ink eraser. Finish by rinsing the piece in warm water and gently pat dry with a paper towel.

I advise you to take the Cameo to a professional Jeweler every few years. They will check the piece for any wear that may need attention and they will be able to clean the piece professionally for you.

Cameo stones cannot take the heat of a soldering torch, but they are safe in the Ultrasonic cleaner and can be cleaned with a steam cleaner.