A gift from a Grand-daughter to her Grandmother

The cameo was absolutely beautiful!! My mom cried when she saw it!! Thank you so much for making this Xmas spectacular!! I love it thank you so much…Pilar, New York

I’d like to have the attached picture of my grandmother made into a cameo. I believe she is coming over from Jamaica to emigrate to the United States in the 1940’s when that picture was taken.

A cameo with a portrait of a grand-mother carved onto a large 45 by 35mm white on red gemstone. The frame is made from 14kt Yellow Gold.

I made the setting dual purpose with a pendant loop and a brooch pin.  Lucy can wear her jewel pinned to her lapel or with a necklace chain as a pendant.

The setting has an open back. This allows light to shine through the stone. This really helps the cameo to ‘come alive’ with movement.

This portrait jewel was a joy to make. I especially loved the back story.

The special significance of this photo made this all the more meaningful as a gift from a grand-daughter to her grandmother.


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