Month: March 2017

Cameo Rings – Cameo Earrings

Custom Cameo Rings “We presented it to our mum and she cried and cried. My mum loved the ring and the kids were so happy seeing their mum on their Nanas finger. Thank you so much…Michelle, New Zealand“ A beautiful Portrait Cameo Ring. The cameo is carved in a white on blue layered Agate. The …

Custom Jewelry Design

Working with you has been a pleasure. Your beautiful work and careful attention to detail is exceptional. We will be honoured to present your creations to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. Thank you for your hard work and artistry…Bozena A selection of my custom jewelry from my 30 years as a jewelry designer and goldsmith. I …

Gareth David Eckley

I love the moment when the portrait comes to life before my eyes. I find it exciting to see the personality of the subject captured in the gemstone. I feel that I invest a part of myself in every portrait that I create…I really enjoy the collaborative process involved in portraiture. I work closely with …

Designed by Gareth for You

I use my skills as a Jewelry designer to create your custom jewel. Your portrait photos inspire my creativity. I will suggest the best color choices and gemstone options from your photos and from learning the style and personality of the wearer. Gareth personally designs every jewel. Your portrait is hand carved with Diamond carving …

Personalized Cameo Jewel

The cameo arrived today. My wife was overjoyed. Thank you for creating the best gift that she could ever imagine…J.S, Chicago Cameo Necklace & Brooch Pin with Portrait of a Child With this cameo I was able to really create a very special family heirloom. I was asked to create a Portrait Cameo jewel as …

My Cameo for Queen Elizabeth II

Royal protocol dictates that I am not allowed to repeat Queen Elizabeth’s exact words. However, I can say that Her Majesty was entranced by my Cameo Jewel. She was intrigued by the story of how the original cameo was given to Pocahontas by Queen Anne and King James I over 450 years ago. My Cameo …

Memory Cameo of a beloved Mother

When I was given your cameo, I immediately recognized my mother and burst into tears…What a beautiful Cameo ! It took me around 30 minutes to be able to talk again and I could only manage to say that she was beautiful and now she will be with me forever. Now I will have the …

The Art of Gem Carving Video

Carvers and Collectors: The Lasting Allure of Ancient Gems Since antiquity, gemstones have been engraved using the same methods. Follow the process from start to finish in this short video from the Getty Museum. This follows the recreation of an Ancient Greek Scarab gemstone seal by Epimenes 500B.C. Exhibition March – September, 2009 at the …

Gem carvers from Ancient Greece Exhibition

(Text copied with permission and © the Getty Museum, © J. Paul Getty Trust) The exhibition includes gems by several ancient master carvers, including Epimenes, Solon, Dioskourides, and Gnaios. These carvers sometimes signed their works, but the majority of classical gems are unsigned. With careful examination, anonymous intaglios and cameos can be attributed to known …

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