Month: February 2017

A Necklace Chain for your Cameo

Selecting a Chain for your Cameo Pendant Care should be taken to select a chain that complements your cameo jewel. The chain should be at least 1/8 ” in thickness to ensure that it is strong enough to suspend the cameo pendant . I would suggest that the chain should match the color of the …

Canadian Maple Leaf necklace for Grandma

Gareth created this special Jewel as a gift from his family to his children’s grandmother, Marilyn Dyer-Seidel. Carving the Ammolite was very difficult, the shell is formed in layers which like to fall apart with the pressure of the carving tool. The fossil had to be stabilized with resin to allow it to be carved. …

V.I.P Service

A Special Service for Those Who Need It When I worked with my American benefactor on the secret project in 2007 to create the Pocahontas Cameo for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I realised that these orders have special requirements. With that order I signed an NDA before details of the project were revealed. I …

Art Deco Diamond and Pearl Necklace Collar

I designed and made this special jewel for Lady Diana Gibson-Watt The Art Deco Diamond and Pearl clip earrings were a present from Lord Gibson-Watt to his wife when they were first married. Lady Diana asked me to design a collar ‘choker’ style necklace that would incorporate her natural pearl necklace and provide a second …

Award Winning Cameo Art

First Prize in the British Goldsmiths Craft Council Awards. 2007. Portrait of Grace Kelly in a three layer Agate Gemstone. British Goldsmiths Craft Council Awards. 2006 – Highly Commended Award for The black onyx Kalahari Bushwoman & Baby cameo. British Goldsmiths Craft Council Awards. 2006 – Highly Commended Award for this carving of a newborn …

Layered Agate for the Pocahontas cameo

Natural layered Agate used for the Pocahontas cameo presented to her majesty Queen Elizabeth Here are four slices of layered Agate. This is how this gemstone looks before enhancement. Gemstone dealers use a combination of heat and permanent dye to alter the colors of the stone. For my cameo I needed to match the colors …

Identical Cameos

Matched Identical Portrait Cameos Sometimes I am asked to create two cameos from the same photograph. This creates a real dilemma. It is actually impossible for anyone to carve two identical portraits. I am a Portrait artist and each cameo is an individual work of art. I create my portraits by carving with my hands. …

Cameo Appearances Exhibition

Review of the Cameo Exhibition at the Met European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Special Exhibitions Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York – March 8, 2005–January 29, 2006. I visited this exhibition at the Met in New York. I flew over from London, England as this exhibition was of such a high quality. I …

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