Month: February 2012

Auguste Rodin Daniad Sculpture

Auguste Rodin Daniad Sculpture Much of Rodin’s work shows the ‘non finis’ technique. Here drama and life is created by making the sculpture appear to be trying to break out of the stone. This happens because the base or background of the sculpture is left in the rough state or unfinished. Rodin’s work is generally …

The Ancient Egyptian Cameo of Ptolemy

The Ptolemaeus cameo, also known as the Ptolemaeer Cameo Pictured is the Ptolemaeus cameo, also known as the Ptolemaeer Cameo. Vienna (Ptolemy, Ptrolemaer-kameo) Cameo Sardonyx (11 layers). Ptolemaic but has been argued as Claudian and Severan.Evidence that it may have switched identities with the Gonzaga cameo during history only further complicates the scholarship but most …

The Gemma Claudia Roman Cameo

The Gemma Claudia Roman Cameo The Gemma Claudia is a Roman five-layered onyx cameo of c.49. It later found its way into the Habsburg collections now in the Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna (AS Inv. No. IX A 63). It is 12 cm high and set in a gold rim. It depicts two cornucopia (with an eagle …

Portrait of a Mother and Newborn Baby

An award winning gemstone portrait in white on black layered agate of a loving mother and her newborn baby. This portrait was taken from photographs of the mother and her newborn baby that were taken in the hospital moments after birth. A close friend of the mother forwarded the photos to me and I selected …

Gareth Carving the Cameo of Grace Kelly

Gareth is using diamond tools to carve the Award winning gemstone portrait of Grace Kelly. The portrait was carved into a layered agate with three layers – black/white/black. This photo shows my carving set-up from 2007, when I mainly used a flexible micro-motor. I now mainly use the more traditional gem carving lathe that is …

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