Month: April 2011

Cameo Portrait of a Grandma

A lovely cameo portrait of a beloved grandmother. This was ordered by her son who presented the Cameo Jewel to her as a present. The portrait is based on wonderful photograph of the grandmother, Ramona when she was 16, and her sister Agnus. The photo dates from 1946. We chose to use white on red …

The Gonzaga Cameo

A double portrait, of  Ptolomy II and Arsinoe II A double portrait, believed to be of the couple Ptolomy II Philadelphus and Arsinoe II, from Alexandria, carved in Sardonyx, with three layers. From the 3rd century BC. Bought in 1814 and originating from Malmaison, a gift from Josephine Beauharnais to Alexander I. Kept in St …

Donatello: The Santa Cecilia Bas-Relief

Donatellos’ Sciattiato Relief of Contessina De Bardi portrayed as St Cecilia in the guise of Artemis. Here is the original portrait carving. She is the sculptured equivalent of the Mona Lisa and even influenced Leonardo in his painting of St Anne and St Mary with the babies, Jesus Christ and St John the Baptist. The …

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