My Cameo of Pocahontas for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is presented with the Cameo of Pocahontas, by Chief Bill Miles a descendant of the Indian princess Pocahontas. Gareth was asked by a US Senator to create this special cameo to honor the role that Pocahontas played in the survival of the English colonists at Jamestown, Virginia.

I set the layered agate gemstone portrait cameo of Pocahontas in platinum and encircled it with natural pearls. The Queen was presented with the cameo, which was finished with rare fresh- water pearls fished from the Tennessee river, after the Chief’s of the eight Virginian tribes had blessed it in a ceremony.

Home at Buckingham Place.

In Elizabethan times they had quite a classical Roman or Greek style of carving and the image had been made to look quite cherubic. I felt that rather than make a straight reproduction I would alter the cameo to have a more Indian profile. My making the image more authentic was really appreciated by the Virginian Indian tribes.

Her Majesty took the Cameo of Pocahontas back to the UK. It is now part of the Queen’s private collection at Buckingham Place. When asked about the Queen’s gift, Gareth added with a smile: ” I did hear that she likes it very much.